Monday, March 4, 2013

Thomas Lopez-Pierre running to replace Robert Jackson in District 7

Thomas Lopez-Pierre is running in District 7. His racially and sexually controversial statements have attracted attention. 

His website is here

Articles on Lopez-Pierre:
  • "Controversial Harlem activist launches City Council bid" in the Columbia Spectator
  • "A Council candidate's racist email, and a response" in Capital New York
  • "Robert Jackson totally rejects endorsement from controversial uptown activist" on Politicker

His campaign's contact info: Thomas Lopez-Pierre for City Council 2013: (646) 363-9047, 927 Columbus Avenue, 5S, New York, NY 10025

John Lisyanskiy running for Coney Island's District 47

John Lisyanskiy,  Legislative Clerk in the City Council division of the City Council agency, is looking to replace Domenic Recchia in District 47. 

His website is here.

His campaign's contact info: Friends of John Lisyanskiy: (718) 996-4609, 115 Bay 20th Street, 2-D
Brooklyn, NY 11214.

Mark Levine running in District 7

Mark D. Levine is looking to take term-limited Councilman Robert Jackson's seat in District 7. 

His website is here

Articles on Levine:
  • Politicker article about Levine filing his candidacy. 
  • Daily News blog post about Levine getting UFT backing. 
  • Columbia Spectator article about Levine's campaign funding. 
  • New York Post article criticizing Levine for trying to "cash in on his father's death". 
  • Capital New York article on Levine about an email he received from Lopez-Pierre describing him as a "white/Jewish candidate".

His campaign contact info: Levine 2013: (646) 382-8992, 900 West 190th Street, 4K, New York, NY 10040

Incumbent Stephen Levin running to keep District 33

Stephen Levin
Stephen T. Levin was elected as council member in District 33 in 2009. Prior to that he served as Chief of Staff to Assembly member Vito Lopez.

His council member page is here

His campaign's contact info: Levin 2013: (908) 380-7626, 576 Morgan Avenue, 3L, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Manuel Lantigua running in District 7

Manuel O. Lantigua is running in District 7. He previously ran in 2009No current information on him could be found. 

His campaign's contact info: Lantigua 2013: (914) 384-5062, 230 West 103rd Street, 6G
New York, NY 10025

Marc Landis running in the 6th district

Marc A. Landis is running in Upper West Side District 6.

His website is here.  

His campaign contact info: Landis for New York: (212) 362-9298, 160 West 95th Street, 2C
New York, NY 10025

Incumbent Brad Lander running in District 39

Brad and his family
Brad S. Lander hopes to keep his seat in Brooklyn's District 39. 

His current council member page is here. His personal page is here

His campaign contact info: Brad Lander 2013: (917) 822-4584, 256 13th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215